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Compact moving message display is a must-have device for high impact displaying any message programmed into it. 


Still display or speed selectable scrolling 
Pixel density (P10 = led separation 10mm) giving readable characters from distances 8M or less to 50M or more 
Full RGB colour (1R1G1B) giving 40 selectable colours with all colours being available for display at the same time 
High brightness with efficient use of power from any 5 Volt 3Amp (or 3+ Amp) USB standard phone/tablet mains charger 
Can also be powered from larger phone/tablet charger batteries. 
Can also be powered from a car supply via a 5V 3A car power plug to USB socket converter. 

Many hundreds of moving special effects available when pc programmed, yet very easy to program via a usb drive stick (included) 
Once programmed, your program remains in the display even after switching off the display power. 

Indoor or covered outdoor use 
Light weight self-standing or hang-able quality case made from gloss black laminate - case size similar to display size at 97cm x 16cm yet just 2.5cm deep 

1M LONG USB LED Sign Scrolling

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